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  Vol. 4, Issue 1, April 2024

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A Comparative Study on the Differences Between BSE and NSE
Prof. Manali Jani and Rajput Nandini Vikram Singh      

A Study on Progress in Indiaís GDP
Prof. Rajesh Shah and Imamuddin Mainuddin Khan      

Strategic Analysis of Apple Inc.: A Comprehensive Examination of its Competitive Position
and Future Prospects
Prof. Ritu Jaydeep Ahuja and Karan Raichura     

Artificial Intelligence and Ethics Navigating the Moral Landscape in the Age of Intelligent Machines
Prof. Kajal Mehta and Swayam. S. Mahadik   

Unveiling the Realities: Substance Use among College Campuses and Strategies for
Addressing Drug and Alcohol Challenges
Prof. Sameer Khasnis and Vedant Purandar Yadav   

Enhancing Security Measures in Li-Fi Networks: Challenges, Solutions and Innovations
Prof. Karishma Tiwari and Rohit Yadav 

A Study on Origins and Contemporary Impact of the Caste System in India
Prof. Shailaja Sundrapalli and Rajput Nandini Vikram Singh   

Unraveling the Influence of Advertising on Consumer Behavior: Insights, Trends and
Psychological Implications
Prof. Sameer Khasnis and Nayna Nandu Chougule   

Revlutionzing Transportation: The Transition from Combustion to Electric Vehicles
Prof. Nitu Sahu and Mr. Rohit Prajapati   

The Role of GST in Indian Economy
Prof.  Manjeet Mishra   

Hedging in Agriculture: Exploring Crop Insurance and Commodity Futures Contracts
Prof. Naresh Purohit and Archita Daniel  

Factors Affecting in Choosing Accounting Career Path
Prof. Milind More   

A Study on Public Relations Environment in India
Prof. Mohit Sharma, Prof. Snehal Sharma, Bhoomika Katpara   

The Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Job Market and Workforce Automation
Prof. Kajal Mehta and Rishikesh Pradhan  

A Study on Futures and Option Strategies
Prof. Amrut Rumde, Prof. Bhavika Rumade, Rajesh Pogale   

Evolutionary Trajectory: Tracing the Advancement and Transformative Journey of Artificial Intelligence
Prof. Karishma Tiwari and Janvi Ravariya Patel

Streaming Evolution: Unraveling the Transformation of Netflix Over Time
Prof. Nitu Sahu and Janvi  Ravariya

The Healing Power of Music: Exploring the Efficacy of Music Therapy
Prof. Reena Kumar, Ashita Sinha, Pooja Shrikant Jadhav

Crafting Connections: The Art of Public Relations
Prof. Manali Jani, Prof. Shweta Jani, Shreika Sanjay Sawant

A Study on Evolution of COCA COLA Company
Prof. Mohit Sharma, Prof. Snehal Sharma, Sai Rajesh Shetty

Walmart Evolution: From Brick-and-Mortar Behemoth to Omni Channel Retail Innovator
Prof. Rahul Varma and Sai Rajesh Shetty

Silent Scars: Unveiling the Multifaceted Dimensions of Child Abuse and Nurturing Paths to Resilience
Prof. Reena Kumar, Rachit Roshan, Krunal Prakash Chavhan

A Study on Child Labour: A Serious Issue
Prof. Abdul Karim Khan and Anisha Patil

Dark Usage of Internet Unveiling the Underbelly of Cyberspace
Prof. Kajal Mehta and Aaditya Tejas Borkar

Ethical Considerations in Genetic Engineering: Exploring the Moral Implications of Genetic Modification
Prof. Nirja Sharan and Kajal Sachin Rajbhar

Revolutionizing HIV Treatment: The Role of Nano-Technology
Prof. Nirja Sharan and Chhaya Jaysingh Yadav

An Overview of Status of Indian Economy
Prof. Rajesh Shah and Vrushali Powar

The Evolution of War Technology: From Ancient Battles to Modern AI Battles
Prof. Kajal Mehta and Chhaya Jaysingh Yadav

Virtual Currency: A Digital Paradigm for Online Transactions
Prof. Manali Jani, Prof. Shweta Jani, Aaditya Tejas Borkar

A Study of the Popular Mergers and Acquisitions in India during the Last Two Decades
Prof. Gunakshi Khandeka and Sonali Ramesh Mishra

A Study on Indian Financial Market
Prof. Amrut Rumde, Prof. Bhavika Rumade, Sonali Mishra Exploring the Dynamics of Online Jersey Sales
Prof. Mohit Sharma, Prof. Snehal Sharma, Karan Raichura

Shareholder Rights: An Analysis of Their Significance and Impact on Corporate Governance
Prof. Naresh Purohit and Karan Raichura

Sahara Group's Battle with SEBI: Unraveling the Spam Controversy
Prof. Yasmeen Sodawala and Mansvi Pawar

A Study on Business-to-Business Customer Relationship Management
Prof. Leena Vipin Jagawat and Aryan Dave

Automation and Employment: Examining the Impact of Technology on the Future of Jobs
Prof. Karishma Tiwari and Kaviya Babu Swamy 

A Study on a Critical Roles Played by Women during World War I
Prof. Reena Kumar, Prof. Rashmi Prashad, Sonali Mishra

Fortifying Financial Fortresses: The Imperative of Cybersecurity in Banking
Prof. Nitu Sahu and Siddhesh Suhas Tawade

Unveiling the Secrets: Exploring Modern Cryptography Techniques
Prof. Karishma Tiwari and Sarmela Jeyamurugan Nadar

Balancing Privacy Rights And Social Welfare: A Contemporary Examination
Prof. Abdul Karim Khan and Kaviya Babu Swamy

Revolutionizing Input: Exploring Keyless Interface Systems for Typing
Prof. Nitu Sahu and Vishal Vijaybahadur Jaiswar

A Study on a Usability of Software Testing
Prof. Kajal Mehta and Amit Yadav Deglal

The Impact of Right to Information Laws on Governance and Accountability
Prof. Yasmeen Sodawala and Nasim Alam

Decoding Social Media Engagement: Strategies, Metrics and Impact on Marketing Success
Prof. Krina Adhiya and Shital Dhanraj Kamli

Unravelling the Enigma: The Psychology behind Nightmares
Prof. Sameer Khasnis and Dipansha Hatpale

Artistic Renaissance: Harnessing Artificial Intelligence for Cultural Restoration
Prof. Kajal Mehta and Sumit Thakur

A Study on Problems of Child Labour in India    
Prof. Abdul Karim Khan and Sunla Elangovan Nadar  

Computer as a Critical Weapon and Evolution in a Space Technology
Prof. Karishma Tiwari and Shreesha Arate

An Overview on Cyber Physical System
Prof. Nitu Sahu and Vishal Yadav

An Overview on Indian Financial Markets
Prof. Prince Sharma and Anushka Jarag

A Study on Network Security & Cryptography
Prof. Karishma Tiwari and Priya R.Verma

A Study on Nutritional Immunology
Prof. Nirja Sharan and Devesh Vijay Patil

An Overview of Agriculture in India
Prof. Ritu Jaydeep Ahuja and Anas Mulla

A Study on Medical Inflation Affects Healthcare Costs and Quality
Prof. Gunakshi Khandeka and Ayesha Shaikh

A Study on Consumer Behavior
Prof. Rahul Varma and Harshvardhan Rajesh Chomal

A Study on How Small Businesses Can Financially Compete with Large Businesses
Prof. Ritu Jaydeep Ahuja and Pranav Prakash Tirlotkar

A Study on How TV Shows and Social Media are Imposing Fake Standards
Prof. Leena Vipin Jagawat and Livya Putan

A Study on Financial Investment Planning
Prof. Prince Sharma and Anshi Awahesh Shukla

A Study on Mobile Banking in Indian Banking Industry
Prof. Krina Adhiya and Hritika Gharpurkar

A Study on Money Market
Prof. Naresh Purohit and Dhaval Laxman Kokale

A Study on Risk Management in Banking Sector in India
Prof. Amrut Rumde, Prof. Bhavika Rumde, Hritika Gharpurkar

Regulations on Government Agencies
Prof. Nitu Sahu and Samiksha Sanjay Halve

A study on The Role of Internet of Things (IoT) in Smart Cities
Prof. Kajal Mehta and Samiksha Sanjay Halve

Growth and Development in Banking and Insurance industry in India
Prof. Aparna Surve

Development of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) with Reference to Indian Indigenous Market
Prof. Nitin K Sharma

A Study on Ethical Hacking
Prof. Milind More

Imaging and Medication Delivery using Nanotechnology
Prof. Aparna Surve

India's Economy: Challenges and Opportunities
Prof. Premsagar Singh

Learning Technology Games
Prof. Manjeet Mishra

Library Services with Special Reference to Mobile Technology and Social Media
Dr. Premsagar Singh

The Role of Accounting Information in Economic Development
Prof.  Manjeet Mishra

An Analysis of Financial Markets in India
Prof.  Manjeet Mishra

A Literature Review on the Role of Religion on Sexuality
Prof. Venkatesh Bugdi and Hardik Ravindra Sandim

Literature Review on Valuation to Determine the Fair of Stock
Prof. Prince Sharma and Hardik Ravindra Sandim

A Study of E-Banking and itís Growth
Prof. Aparna Surve

Revolutionizing Retail: Understanding the Transformative Effects of E-Commerce on Traditional Businesses
Prof. Venkatesh Bugdi and Shalini Sunil Varma

Revolutionzing Logistics: Efficiency, Sustainability and Technological Advancements
Prof. Manali Jani, Prof. Shweta Jani, Vighnesh Anand Poojri

A Study on Risk Management in Foreign Exchange
Prof. Gunakshi Khandeka and Sakshi Surve

A Study Role of Social Media in Brand Building
Prof. Venkatesh Bugdi and Shoyab Kadeer

Start-up Surge: Catalyzing Local Economies
Prof. Rajesh Shah and Ratandeep Kaur Dhaul

A Report on Relation Between Financial Behaviour and Financial Literacy
Prof.  Manjeet Mishra

A Study on the Intersection of Music and Technology: A Composer's Perspective
Prof. Shailaja Sundrapalli and Nilesh Sanjiv Joshi

The Effects of Information Technology on the Accounting System
Prof. Manjeet Mishra

The Impact of Ethical Advertising on Consumer Trust and Loyalty
Prof. Yasmeen Sodawala and Ayesha Shaikh

Digitalization in India: An Innovative Concept
Dr. Premsagar Singh

Financial Management Practices in Successful Small & Medium Enterprise
Prof. Milind More

Volume 2, Issue 5, January 2022