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  Vol. 4, Issue 1, April 2024

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A Study on Barriers in Communication
Prof. Sameer Khasnis and Ms. Tricia Dsilva

A Study on Budgeting and Budgetary Control
Prof. Manali Jani, Shweta Jani, Sneha Rajesh Modi

Digital Dynamo: Navigating the Technological Tapestry in Business Evolution
Prof. Darshan Patil and Dev Ramesh Bhanushali

Unearthing the Plight: Challenges Faced by Indian Farmers in Agricultural Sustainability
Prof. Rajesh Shah and Diana Das

Silent Scars: Unveiling the Multifaceted Dimensions of Child Abuse and Nurturing Paths to Resilience
Prof. Reena Kumar, Dr. Ashish Sinha, Krunal Prakash Chavhan

Rollercoaster Riches: Riding the Highs and Lows of the Stock Market
Prof. Vidhi Rathod and Krunal Prakash Chavhan

Mobile Banking: An Outlook for New Digital Payment System in India
Prof. Yasmeen Sodawala and Uttara Shahu

The Influence of Social Media on Body Image and Self-Esteem among Teenagers
Prof. Geeta Yadav and Vaibhavi Ravindra Nalawade

A  Study on Online Transaction and UPI Technology
Prof. Hiral Raval and Mr. Shekhar Suman

A Study on Process of Digital Image Processing
Prof. Darshan Patil and Nisha Murugesan Nadar

The Impact of War on Society: Examining the Social, Economic, and Cultural Consequences of
War on Civilian Populations
Prof. Nirja Sharan and Kishan Shiva Sahu

Streamlining Business Processes through Robotic Process Automation (RPA)
Prof. Aishwarya Shinde and Siddhesh Suhas Tawade 

The Impact of E-commerce on Traditional Retail Business Models
Prof. Mohit Sharma, Prof. Snehal Sharma, Nikhil Chandravanshi

Cloud - Based Gaming and Streaming Services
Prof. Palak Agarwat, Dr. Manju Sharma, Sumit Gupta

Ensuring Privacy in Cyberspace: Challenges and Solutions
Prof. Darshan Patil and Mr. Rajan Rajesh Yadav

A Study on Education and Social Change
Prof. Geeta Yadav and Sumit Gupta

Business Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility
Prof. Sneha Kanojiya and Shubham Singh

Comparative Study on Changing Trend in ETF Investment and Stocks Investment
Prof. Vidhi Rathod and Daksha Vilas Khaire

Unveiling the Future and Business Potential Study on the Gaming Industry in India
Prof. Rahul Varma and Hardik Ravindra Sandim

The Influence of Digitalization on First-Generation Users: A Study on UPI and E-Wallet Adoption
Prof. Naresh Purohit and Maqveena Marshal Gourea

A Study on Corporate Communication in India
Prof. Geeta Yadav and Rani John Udiyar

A Study on Impact of Demonetization on Business Sector
Prof. Hiral Raval and Rani John Udiyar

A Study on Impact of Advertisement on Consumer Behaviour
Prof. Omkar Ishwalkar and Tanisha Prakash Dabholkar

The Global Economic Crisis of 2007-2008
Prof. Payal Mane and Karan Raichura

A Study on Human Behavior Impacts Investment Losses and the Role of Options Trading
Prof. Manali Jani, Shweta Jani, Karan Raichura

Understanding the Complexities of Child Abuse: Causes, Impacts and Intervention Strategies
Prof. Sameer Khasnis and Manasvi Ramchandra Tirlotkar

A Study on Calculating Risk during the Hiring Process
Prof. Vidhi Rathod and Sowmya Poojari

An Overview on Financial Risk Management
Prof. Yasmeen Sodawala and Aayush Khandekar

E- Commerce Business after COVID Pandemic
Prof. Sneha Kanojiya and Siddhi Vinayak Jaiswal

Case Study of Saradha Scam on Indian Economy
Prof. Rahul Varma and Bipin Kanaujiya

Study on Indian Debt Market
Prof. Payal Mane and Priyanshu Patel

The Impact of Digital Currency on Traditional Banking
Prof. Ritu Ahuja and Sheetal Sanjay Nirmal

A Study on Artificial Intelligence in Content Creation: Challenges and Opportunities
Prof. Aishwarya Shinde and Atharva Santosh Ghavre

A Study on Impact of Covid-19 on Indian Economy
Prof. Rajesh Shah and Chandan Mukhi

The Hidden Biases of Social Media Algorithms and Their Influence on Your Digital World
Prof. Palak Agarwat, Dr. Sharad Nimavat, Atharva Santosh Ghavre

The Evolution of Desktop Computers: Embracing Change
Prof. Darshan Patil and Shruti Shashikant Kenjale

The Potential of 5G in Transforming Communication and Industries
Prof. Aishwarya Shinde and Prasad Kurle

The Role of Social Media in Digital Marketing
Prof. Geeta Yadav and Sushant Kamble

A Study on Branding Efforts on Consumer Behavior
Prof. Ritu Ahuja and Samruddhi Gaikwad

A Study on Cloud Computing and Virtualization
Prof. Palak Agarwat and Shubham Yadav

AI (Advance Investment) Plans in Emerging Technology, Rising Returns
Prof. Manali Jani, Shweta Jani, Vaishnavi Manish Rukhi

GST and its Role in India’s Fiscal Consolidation
Prof. Yasmeen Sodawala and Lavkumar Singh

The Impact of Human-Computer Interaction on Innovation
Prof. Aishwarya Shinde and Mr. Praveen Mamidala

A Study on Evolution of Cloud Computing
Prof. Palak Agarwat, Dr. Manju Sharma, Om Patel

Blockchain Technology's Expanding Horizons: Applications Beyond Cryptocurrency
Prof. Darshan Patil and Bhavesh Mukesh Pandey

Artificial Intelligence in Health Care Diagnosis and Treatment
Prof. Aishwarya Shinde and Neha Ramsingar Patel

An Overview on Cyber Security
Prof. Darshan Patil and Abhishek Subhash Jha

Revolutionizing Financial Services : The Power of Technology and Innovation in Agent Network
Prof. Aishwarya Shinde and Dhruv Tulshiram Kurmi

Consequences of Social Media Marketing for Customer Engagement
Prof. Vidhi Rathod and Tushit Kushi Sateja

Future of Game Development: Emerging Trends and Challenges
Prof. Palak Agarwat, Dr. Seema Nimavat, Varun Salunkhe

Assessing the Effects of G20 on India’s Economy Landscape
Prof. Yasmeen Sodawala and Payal Rajak

A Study on Growth and Prospect of Digital India Campaign
Prof. Bhageshri Murkute

Assessment of Women’s Empowerment and Socio-Economical Conditions of Women's in Rural Area
Prof. Sneha Kanojiya and Apeksha Davande

Captivating Audiences: The Art and Science of Effective Advertising
Prof. Hiral Rawal and Rose Raphael Gonsalves

Cost Accounting Practices: Enhancing Decision-Making and Organizational Performance
Prof. Yasmeen Sodawala and Manasvi Tirlotkar

Data Science: Exploring Techniques, Applications and Transformative Potential
Prof. Palak Agarwat, Dr. Sharad Nimavat, Rishi Gyanchandra Yadav

Eliminating Poisonous Substances in Food using Advance Technology
Prof. Omkar Ishwalkar and Divya Nevgi

Fortifying Cybersecurity: Strategies, Challenges and Innovations
Prof. Omkar Ishwalkar and Divya Nevgi

From Pixels to Progress: A Chronicle of Video Game History and Evolution
Prof. Aishwarya Shinde and Alister Quinny

Currency Shifts: Investigating the Effects of Demonetization on the Tourism Industry
Prof. Payal Mane and Rajput Nandini

Humanoid Robotics: Advancements, Applications and Ethical Considerations
Prof. Darshan Patil and Avdhesh Ramdas Prajapati

The Impact of Tax on Electronics Goods and Products
Prof. Yasmeen Sodawala and Hritika Gharpurkar

Navigating the AI Journalism Landscape: Innovations and Challenges in the Era of Deepfakes
Prof. Palak Agarwat, Dr. Seema Nimavat, Atharva Santosh Ghavre

Quantum Computing Impact on Cybersecurity: Unraveling the Unbreakable
Prof. Palak Agarwat and Atharva Ghavre

Shade Balls on California Reservoirs: A Revolutionary Approach to Water Conservation
Prof. Aishwarya Shinde and Alister Quinny

A Study an In-Depth Analysis of Mergers and Acquisitions in the Indian Banking Sector
Prof. Payal Mane and Hardik Ravindra Sandim

Study the Impact of War on Society: Examining the Social, Economic and Cultural Consequences of War on Civilian Populations
Prof. Manali Jani, Shweta Jani, Kishan Shiva Sahu

A Study on Impact of Online Food delivery App on Restaurant Business Special Reference to Zomato and Swiggy
Prof. Aparna Surve

A Theoretical Perspective on Media and Technological Evolution
Prof. Arpita Kothari

Application of Nanotechnology in Medical Field
Prof. Arpita Kothari

Study on How Artificial Intelligence is Utilized in Trade of Fitness Apps
Prof. Arpita Kothari

Awareness of Health Insurance - A Study Based on Customer Perception in Chennai, Chengalpet and Kancheepuram Districts
Prof. Arpita Kothari

Impact on Consumer Behavior of Celebrity Endorsement
Prof. Arpita Kothari

A Study on Basic Artificial Neural Network
Prof. Nitin Sharma

India’s Approach toward Sustainable Agriculture:  Review of Government’s Initiatives
Prof. Renu Pal

India’s Approach toward Sustainable Agriculture:  Review of Government’s Initiatives
Prof. Renu Pal

India’s Approach toward Sustainable Agriculture:  Review of Government’s Initiatives
Prof. Renu Pal

Data Mining: Using Categorization to Anticipate Performance Improvement
Dr. Premsagar Singh

Data Mining: Using Categorization to Anticipate Performance Improvement
Dr. Premsagar Singh

A Study on Performance of Life Insurance Industries in India
Prof. Milind More

A Study on Rise, Fall and Resurrection of Yes Bank
Prof.  Manjeet Mishra

A Study on Work Pattern of "Startup India" Scheme
Prof. Shailaja Sundrapalli

A Comprehensive Analysis of E - Banking's Role and Impact
Prof. Payal Mane

Analyzing the Influence of News Sentiment on Stock Market Volatility: A Research Study
Prof. Vidhi Rathod and Siddhesh Pashte

Empowering Futures: Advancing Girl Child Education in India
Prof. Payal Mane

An Analysis of Share Market Trends and Investment Strategies
Prof. Hiral Rawal and Morye

Role of ICT and its Impact on Education Pillars
Prof.  Manjeet Mishra

Foreign Direct Investment: Impact on Indian Economy
Prof. Nitin Sharma

Financial Statements of an Company as an Information Base for Decision Making in the Investment
Prof. Milind More

Evaluation of Health Insurance sector in Indian
Prof. Aparna Surve

A Study of the Media on Objectification of Human
Prof. Arpita Kothari

Study on the Fundamentals and Foundations of Artificial Intelligence
Prof. Shailaja Sundrapalli

Volume 3, Issue 6, January 2023