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  Vol. 4, Issue 1, April 2024

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Significance of Auditing to Control the Financial Crisis
Rinku Pal and Fahad Shaikh

Study on Importance of Financial (Accounting) Literacy
Nagendra Kangralk and Trupti Moolya

Study on Motivation for Considering Accounting as a Promising Career Aspiration
Niranjan Tambe and Manasvi Naik

Study on Significance of Accounting Information in the Management of Higher Education
Institution [HEI]
Khusbu Ruparel and Rajbhar Sona

Study on the Analytical Perspective on Accounting
Rinku Pal and Komal Sahani

Media Censorship: Responsibility vs. Freedom
Reshma Shaikh Manasvi Mishra

Revolutionizing the Portrayal of Indian Women in Mainstream Media: Indian Web Series
Rinku Pal and Simran Sharma

Social Media, Racial Intolerance & Peace Journalism: The Case of Kenyan Twitter & Facebook Use
Khusbu Ruparel and Anil Parpala

Social Media's Impact on Mental Health
Akshay Surkule and Ritika Ken

Study of Role of Digital Media in Pharmaceutical Sector
Rinku Pal and Sangeeta Solanki

Study on Impact of Mass Media on Gen Z
Akansha Gujrati and Girishtia Suthar

Study on Women Portrayal of Media
Ravina Soni and Ronak Pandere

The Difficulties with Journalism in Print Media in the Digital Age
Shrishyam Chaurasiya and Bhavesh Kamlekar

Virtual Reality for Mass Media
Chanda Pandey and Parab Jay

Review Paper on Retail Banking in India
Khusbu Ruparel and Raj Sharma

Risk Management Analysis in Insurance Sector
Mayuri Shinde and Subal Das

Significance of Customer Relationship Management [CRM] in Banking Sector
Rinku Pal and Priti Gode

Significance of Monetary and Non-Monetary Motivation for Employee Retention with Reference
to Strategies Adopted by Private Sector Banks
Manjeet Mishra and Jay Parab

Study on Bancassurance: the Way Ahead - An Affiliated Agreement between Banks & Insurance Companies
Nagendra Kangralk and Disha Purohit

Study on Effect of Covid 19 Epidemic on Banking and Insurance Sector
Reshma Shaikh and Shubham Gupta

Study on Impact of Internet Banking
Rinku Pal and Abhishek Tiwari

Study on Laws Governing Banking and Insurance Sector
Ravina Soni and More Shruti

Analysis on Supply Chain Management
Pallavi Ghorpade and Satish Petekar

Impact of Income Tax on Economic growth
Rinku Pal and Sakshi Shukla


Major Developments in the Indian Derivatives Market: Issues and Prospects
Khusbu Ruparel and Tulsi Shinde

Overview of Retail Industry in India
Reshma Shaikh and Krishna Bheda

Overview on E-Commerce with Respect to Indian Context
Akshay Surkule and Chandan Gupta

Perception of Society towards Women Empowerment
Deepa Prajapati and Shaikh Shahenawaz

Recent Trends in Business Management with Respect to Increasing Perspective towards Globalisation
Shivkumar Jaiswal and Nilesh Bhuvar

Review Paper on the Impact of Cryptocurrency in India
Rinku Pal and Aniket Mishra

Role Entrepreneurship in Economic Development of a Nation
Rinku Pal and Pooja Gupta

A Study of Financial Planning and Investment Planning of Individuals
Mayuri Shinde and Krishna Hariharan

Review Paper on Role of Fund Raising in Financial Management
Akshay Surkule and Ritik Intodiya

Role of Artificial Intelligence [AI] to Enhance the Practices of Financial Management System
Nandkumar Hariharan and Shubham Dhara

Role of Financial Management in Developing Sustainable Corporate Practices
Manjeet Mishra and Hareram Ojha

Scope for Enhancing Financial Management System for Multi-Business Organizations
Ravina Soni and Pawan Gaud

Study on Financial Management in Small & Medium Enterprise [SMEs]
Rinku Pal and Gupta Minto

Study on Investment Appraisal and Working Capital Practices
Nagendra Kangralk and Tanuj Solanki

Promotional Brand Equity Building
Rinku Pal and Rahul Furiya

Social Entrepreneurship: An Exploratory Study
Suparna Roy and Alok Dhuriya

Study of Atmospheric Factors and Consumer Response under the Influence of Sensory Marketing
Nagendra Kangralk and Ankit Jha

Study on Human Resource Development and Need for HR planning
Apporva Sawant and Suchitra Ray

Study on Implication of Service Marketing
Chanda Pandey and Gourav Dixit

Study on Opportunities and Challenges of Internet Marketing
Nagendra Kangralk and Zaid Pathan

Tax Compliance: A Conceptual Research
Ravina Soni and Piyush Gupta

The Scenario of Online Marketing in an Evolving International Environment
Reshma Shaikh and Pinki Shedge

Using Social Media to Generate Leads
Rinku Pal and Vivek Dubey

What are the Most Significant Benefits and Drawbacks of Email Marketing?
Niranjan Tambe and Chetan Solanki

Increase in Money Transfer Transactions using Various Online Payment Methods
Rinku Pal and Adarsh Mishra

Analysis for Information on the Applicability of Data Structures
Suparna Roy and Krishna Singh

Article on Artificial Intelligence Infrared Wireless Thermometer (Temperature Monitoring)
Akansha Gujrati and Prerana Shinde

Potential Significance of Artificial Intelligence in Educational Aspects
Apoorva Sawant and Gaurav Yadav

Predicting the Number of Persons Impacted Based on Data Science
Pallavi Ghorpade and Pranav Mistry

Publication on the Fundamentals and Foundation of Artificial Intelligence
Ravina Soni and Rohit Pal

The Dangers of Connecting Your Smartphone to A Public WiFi Network
Rinku Pal and Farraz Shaikh

A Comprehensive Review of AI and ML Applications in Combating the Covid-19 Pandemic
Nagendra Kangralk and Chandrakishor Shah

A Research of Internet of Things-Based Services
Shrishyam Mishra and Atul Maurya

A Review and Analysis of the Mobile App Development Industry
Shrishyam Mishra and Arbaz Shaikh

A Review of the Literature on Software Testing Techniques
Khusbu Ruparel and Anish Kamble

An Practical Investigation of Phishing Blacklists
Vivek Prasad and Rohit Vishwakarma

Analysis on the Impact of Artificial Intelligence [AI] on Retail sector
Mayuri Shinde and Mohanram Nadar

Applying Artificial Intelligence, Global Stock Exchange Responded during Covid-19
Akansha Gujrati and Mahendra Kori

Are Educational Games Worth the Effort? A Review of the Literature on the Usefulness of Serious Games
Priya Biyani and Jaikumar Dhurai

Artificial Intelligence in Online Food Delivery Platforms
Ravina Soni and Samir Jadhav

Blockchain Technology Overview: Architecture, Consensus, and Future Trends
Vivek Prasad and Shradha Singh

Computer Technology Decided to Outsource Components
Vivek Prasad and Shiv Patel

Cyber Security Studies
Rinku Pal and Anish Kamble

Cybersecurity Supporting Sensor Integrated Wireless Communications
Shrishyam Mishra and Akash Pal

Study on Usage of ICT in Enhancing the Quality of Higher Education
Rinku Pal and Om Pandey

Study on Contribution of Cloud Computing for Development of E-Learning
Shrishyam Mishra and Rohit Thakur

Volume 2, Issue 3, January 2022

Proceeding of National Conference on
Recent Trends in Chemical Science, Physical Science, Life Science and Computer Technology
29th January 2022