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  Vol. 4, Issue 1, April 2024

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A Study on Financial and Technological  Innovations in the Financial Sector
Bhave Siddhi Dinesh

Need for Enhancing Financial Management System for Multiple Business Units
Yadav Kajal Mahendra Pratap

Review of Tax Management in the Indian Economy with Reference to the Goods and Services Tax (GST)
Bhuvad Rutik Barku

Review Paper on Working Capital Practices and Investment Appraisal
Pednekar Shubham

Review on Marketing Perspective on the Outcome on Investment in E-Business
Pravin Bhoir Mansi Vijay

Role of Auditing Process to Control the Financial Crisis and Prevent Financial Frauds
Adityavikram Singh

Scope of Accounting Information to Support Economic Development
Tharali Shejal Suresh

Study on Scope for Financial Planning Analysis
Lale Akanksha Anant

Celebrity Endorsement and Consumer Behaviour: Study from Indian Context
Achari Harsha Madhu

Emerging Role of a Journalist in Trending Era of Social Media
Danavale Divya Sanjay

Media Censorship: Responsibility vs. Freedom
Vedant Dev Rajesh

Review Paper on Social Media, Racial Intolerance, and Peace Journalism
Gupta Hemaksh Ajay

Study on Impact of Mass Media on Gen Z
Mane Varad Vijay

Study on Implication of Virtual Reality for Mass Media
Sonar Sachin Dinesh

Study on Influence of Social Media on Mental Health
Dsouza Maxim Allwyn

Study on Limitations of Journalism in Print Media in the Digital Age
Mandavkar Nikhil

Study on Women portrayal of Media
Singh Anisha Bhairavprasad

A Study of Innovative Trends in Business Practices
Ansari Kashaf Akhatar Hussain Tabassum

A Study on Approaches in Digital Retailing Sector
Kanojiya Jay Rajesh

A Study on Approaches of Corporate Sustainability and Organizational Culture in E -Commerce
Mourya Khushi Parasnath

A Study on Artificial Intelligence in Business Practices
Sayed Junaid Quiase

A Study on Business Sustainability and Strategic Approach towards IT
Shaikh Fatima Ibrahim

A Study on Emerging Trends in Customer Relationship Management
Malhotra Hardik Bhagatsingh

A Study on Future Trends in 21st Century of Human Resource Management in E-Commerce
Modak Amaan Ikhlak

A Study on Globalization and Modern Business Management Trends
Mistry Yusra Umar

A Study on Recent Trends in Supply and Production Network with Soft Computing Methods
Pandey Khushi Jayprakash

A Study on the Approaches of Corporate Social Responsibility in E-Commerce and Management 
Suthar Manish Champalal

Future Directions of E-Commerce in the Global Business Landscape: The Emerging Trends
Nadar Renuka Arivalagan

Impact of E-Commerce on Business Practices
Shaikh Adnan Sajid

Industry 4.0 and Marketing 4.0: The Fourth Industrial Revolution
Kalsekar Abrar Anees

Review on Digital Transformation in the Service Industry
Pansuriya Dolly Suresh

Review on Perception of Traders and Industrialists Towards the Need for Commerce Education in India 14148
More Raju Tukaram

Study on Recent Trends in Business Management
Rizvi Sayed Mohammed Wasi Zaheerul Haider

A Descriptive Study on Contribution of Hotel Industry in Indian Economy
Jadhav Kalpesh Kirtiratan

Human Resources Practices Influencing   Employees in Hotel Industry in Metropolitan City
Nirmal Ajay Kishore

Impact of Current Trends in 5-star Business Hotels in Maharashtra with Respect to In-Room Facilities
Jagtap Yash Anil 

Millennial Expectations and Reality of Hotel Industry
Naik Dishant Ashok

Significance of Kitchen Designing in Standalone Restaurants
Shetty Vinit Anil

Role of Inventory Management Systems in Housekeeping Operations
Mohammad Ansab Syed

Study on Consumer Perception towards Green Practices Adopted by 5 Star Hotels in Mumbai City 18186
Ankit Manohar Bhandary

Study on Consumerís Perspective on Difference Between Home Bakery and Commercial Bakery 18190
Aaditya Someshwar

Study on Determining Reasons for Labour Turnover in the Food Production Department in Hotel Industry 
Linge Rakesh Shetty

Study on How Executive Lounge Enhances the Customer Experience
Simran Patil

Study on How Media Technology Enhancing the Popularity of Culinary Profession with Regards to Hotel Management Students
Mohd.Mehtab Mohd. Ashfaq Ansari

Study on the Benefits of Outsourcing to Housekeeping Department in the Hotel
Sawant Vaidehi Jayesh

Study on the Distinction between Confectionery and Bakery Products
Kambli Yash Prakash

Traditional Human Touch Services vs. Technology Based Self Service - Study on Guest Satisfaction in Hotels 
Gupta Anil Ramyash

Study on Trends in Hospitality and Hotel Industry
Tella Sakshi Rajesh

Study on Usefulness of Reviews from Food Bloggers and Food Critics for the Hotels and Restaurants 
Poojary Ritesh Venkatesh

Use of Digital Marketing as an Effective Promotional Strategy used by Hospitality Studies Sector
Rai Chirag Mahabal

Volume 2, Issue 4, February 2021