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  Vol. 4, Issue 1, April 2024

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Assessing the Sustainment of Online Privacy: A Comprehensive Examination of Internet Surfing
Prof. Kajal Mehta and Vishwajeet Singh

Analysing the Diverse Dimensions of Logistics: Comprehensive Classification and Comparative Study
Prof. Mohit Sharma, Prof. Snehal Sharma, Aryan Dave

Exploring the Pervasiveness of Technology Addiction: A Comprehensive Research Framework
Prof. Karishma Tiwari and Vivek Sanjay Vakode

A Study on Impact of Advance Robotics in Army
Prof. Tandra Paul and Shubham Jaikaran Yadav

Unravelling the Complexities of Income Tax: Analysis, Implications and Solutions
Prof. Amrut Rumde, Prof. Bhavika Rumde, Imaad Khan

A Study on Risk Management
Prof. Naresh Purohit and Imaad Khan

A Study on Banking in Financial System
Prof. Naresh Purohit and Ganesh Kumar

Secure and Seamless Identity Verification with the Power of Biometric Authentication
Prof. Kajal Mehta and Divya Nevgi

Assessing The Economic Impact of Electric Vehicles on Growth: A Perspective
Prof. Rajesh Shah and Santosh Ganpat Gahlot

A Study on Impact of Artificial Intelligence in Finance Sector
Prof. Karishma Tiwari and Santosh Ganpat Gahlot

Artificial Intelligence In Health Care Diagnosis And Treatment
Prof. Tandra Paul and Neha Ramsingar Patel

A Study on Impact of Covid-19 on Indian Mutual Fund
Prof. Naresh Purohit and Aryan Jaiswal

A Study on Software Development
Prof. Kajal Mehta and Amit Yadav

A Study on Mobile Technology and Its Impact on Society
Prof. Amrut Rumde, Prof. Bhavika Rumde, Sufiya Shaikh

A Study on Investment Analysis and Portfolio Management
Prof. Amrut Rumde, Prof. Bhavika Rumde, Rushil S. Parikh

A Study on Corporate Governance and Financial Markets forum
Prof.  Rajesh Shah and Boaz Tamilalagan Nadar

A Study on Credit Rating Agencies in India
Prof. Naresh Purohit and Mayandi Sudalaimani Nadar

An Overview on Digital Transformation in Retail Industry
Prof. Mohit Sharma, Prof. Snehal Sharma, Sanika Santosh Main

A Comprehensive Study of Digital Media's Influence on Literacy
Prof. Reena Kumar, Rajeev Srivastava, Vivek Chaurasiya

Data Management in the 5G Era: Challenges and Strategies
Prof. Reena Kumar, Adv. Ashita Sinha, Krupal Natvarlal Kacha

Eliminating Poisonous Substances in Food Using Advance Technology
Prof. Nirja Sharan and Divya Nevgi

A Study on Application Programming Language
Prof. Kajal Mehta and Krish Sharma

Encryption Policies of Social Media Applications and its Effect on Userís Privacy
Prof. Karishma Tiwari and Narendranath B Gavande

Advancements in Biotechnology: Unlocking Potential for Sustainable Agriculture
Prof. Nirja Sharan and Sushant Madki

A Study on Optimizing the Global Supply Chain Management
Prof. Mohit Sharma and Prof. Snehal Sharma

A Case Study on Wealth Management
Prof. Amrut Rumde and Prof. Bhavika Rumde

An Overview on Inbound Marketing
Prof. Reena Kumar, Dr. Ashish Sinha, Aditya Meher

A Study on Understanding College Admission Policies
Prof. Nirja Sharan and Aditya Meher

A Study on Sales Marketing
Prof. Mohit Sharma, Prof. Snehal Sharma, Vighnesh A Shetty

A Study on Social Media Marketing and Engagement
Prof. Mohit Sharma and Prof. Snehal Sharma

Performance Evaluation of Mutual Funds: A Comparative Study
Prof. Naresh Purohit and Krishna Jayaswal

The Evolution of Customer Relationship Management: Trends and Innovations
Prof. Reena Kumar, Rachit Roshan, Aryan Dave

The Dual Nature of Social Media: Impacts on Mental Health
Prof. Nirja Sharan

Implementation of Robotic Intelligence and Communication
Prof. Tandra Paul and Flourence Rajkumar Nadar

Taxation Policies and their Impact on Business and Economic Growth
Prof. Amrut Rumde, Prof. Bhavika Rumde, Nikhil Jitendra Chandravanshi

A Study on Indian Stock Market
Prof. Naresh Purohit and Snehal Patel

Impact of Childrenís Tech Use: A Comprehensive Study
Prof. Reena Kumar, Prof. Rashmi Prashad, Subhanshu Sabhajeet Pal

A Study on Behavioral Finance
Prof. Amrut Rumde, Prof. Bhavika Rumde, Sahil Dattaram Vaje

The Impact of Social Media Marketing on Consumer Behavior: A Comprehensive Analysis
Prof. Mohit Sharma, Prof. Snehal Sharma, Uday Suresh Bhuiyan

Steps to Analyze the Implementation of a Tax on Organizational Revenue
Prof. Amrut Rumde, Prof. Bhavika Rumde, Nitesh Ashok Sharma

Breast Cancer Awareness among Women: A Comprehensive Study
Prof. Nirja Sharan

Understanding and Combating Scams: A Comprehensive Overview
Prof. Rahul Varma  and Jitesh Prakash Shinde

Resilience and Recovery: Crisis Management Frameworks for Banks in Turbulent Times
Prof. Gunakshi Khandeka and Melissa Mathew Dsouza

Quantum Computing: Current State and Future Prospects
Prof. Karishma Tiwari and Rishikesh Pradhan

A Study on Future of 3D Printing Technology
Prof. Tandra Paul and Shivam Jaiswal

An Overview on Online Shopping
Prof. Krina Adhiya and Sanket Sandeep Gundiye

A Study on New Technologies for Web Development
Prof. Karishma Tiwari and Saurabh Sunil Nikam

The Psychological Effects of Social Media Use on  Adolescents
Prof. Sameer Khasnis and Kirti Gupta

The Social and Psychological Impact of Social Media Algorithms
Prof. Tandra Paul and Mr. Atharva Santosh Ghavre

A Study on Risk Management
Prof. Gunakshi Khandeka and Nikhil Chandravanshi

A Study on Role of Banks in the Economy: An Introduction to Banking Services
Prof. Sonia Pereira and Shoyab Kadeer

Study on Role of Financial Market in Deriving Economic Development
Prof. Ritu Jaydeep Ahuja and Daksha Vilas Khaire

A Study on Sales Forecasting on the Enterprises
Prof. Sameer Khasnis and Chris Fernandes

Programming Languages: From Assembly to Web Assembly
Prof. Kajal Mehta and Samiksha Sanjay Halve

Adapting Ecosystems: Assessing Climate Changeís Influence on Biodiversity Dynamics
Prof. Nirja Sharan and Sahil Umesh Kamerkar

An Overview on Artificial Intelligence
Prof. Kajal Mehta and Abhilash Nayak

Attitude of Investors Towards the Stock Market
Prof. Gunakshi Khandeka and Karan Raichura

Indian Consumer Perception Regarding Domestic and Multi-National Brands
Nitin Sharma

A Review of Consumer Satisfaction of Tata Motors in Mumbai, Maharashtra
Nitin Sharma

A Study on Financial Planning its Needs in Business
Prof. Manjeet Mishra 

A Study of Retail Banking and its Challenges
Prof. Aparna Surve

An Analysis of Impact of Various Tools and Techniques Across Firms was Conducted on Online Marketing through Consumers
Prof. Nitin Sharma

A Study on Impact of Cellphones Branding on Consumer Buying Behavior
Prof.  Manjeet Mishra

A Study on Impact of E-Commerce on Indian Economy - Government Initiatives, Opportunities and Challenges
Prof. Aparna Surve

Appropriate Marketing Communication Channels Affected by Consumer Behaviour and Segmentation
Prof. Nitin Sharma

Analysis of Indian Insurance Market
Prof. Aparna Surve

A Study on Artificial Intelligence and Apparel Industry
Prof. Manjeet Mishra

Classification and Factors influencing Students to Choose Career in the Field of Accounting and Finance
Prof. Milind More

Analysis Report on Effects of Demonetisation
Prof. Aparna Surve

A Study of Accounting Information Systems
Prof. Manjeet Mishra

Digital Accounting and itís Growth in India
Prof. Milind More 

Monetary Policy Dynamics: Unraveling the Influence of Interest Rate Changes on Portfolio Management Decisions and Performance
Prof. Rajesh Shah and Riddhi Arvind Devaliya

Volume 1, Issue 3, January 2021