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  Vol. 4, Issue 1, April 2024

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A Study on Impact of E-Commerce on India’s Commerce
Prof. Parizad Bhesania and Naik Mohammed Marzuk Salim

A Study on Effect of E- Branding Practices Adopted by Selected Higher Educational Institutes
of Gujarat for Pursuing Higher Education
Prof. Parizad Bhesania and Chourasiya Aditya Dinesh

E-Commerce Challenges and Solutions
Prof. Parizad Bhesania and Darji Urvashi Vaibhav

A Study on Effectiveness of Branding Activities on Customer Awareness
Dr. Balram C. Gowda and Dave Harshita Jitendra

The Role of Financial Institutions and the Economic Growth: A Literature Review
Dr. Balram C. Gowda and Dawker Zishan Mohd Rafique

Financial Literacy and its Determinants
Dr. Balram C. Gowda and Dudhawade Mitali Shivraj

A Study on the Impact of Leadership Qualities and Responsibilities on Organizational Growth
Dr. (Mrs) Vaishali Nadkarni and Gohil Bhavik Hasmukh

A Study of Fintech Startups in the Service Industry
Dr. (Mrs) Vaishali Nadkarni and Gupta Akash Dilip

Digital Payment System: Before, During and After Demonetisation
Basukinath Jha and Gupta Kajal Dharamprakash

Consumers’ Perception Towards Cashless Transactions and Information Security in the Digital Economy
Basukinath Jha and Gupta Nisha Lalji

Study of Consumer Perception of Digital  Payment Mode
Basukinath Jha and Heliya Janvi Dhiraj

Outsourcing- The Dark Side 
Prof. Amita M. Kulkarni and Jadhav Disha Sanjay

Changing Face of Research in the Field of Forensic Accounting in Today's World
Prof. Amita M. Kulkarni and Jain Dhaval Kumar Tekchand

A Research about Emotional Intelligence on Generations
Jay Mamtora and Jain Vidhika Manoj

Effect of Certain Demographic Variables on Emotional Intelligence: An Empirical Study of
University Teachers
Jay Mamtora and Katare Sanika Arvind

Emotional Intelligence and Gender Differences: A Study among the Youth in Bangalore City, India
Jay Mamtora and Kazi Nabeeha Nadeem

Emotional Intelligence of Adolescent Students with Special Reference to High and Low
Socio-Economic Status
Jay Mamtora and Khan Lubna Nasir

Study on Consumer Behaviour toward Organic Products in the Nainital District of Uttarakhand, India
Dr. Balram C. Gowda and Makwana Bhumika Jesinghbhai

E-Commerce Growth in India : A Study of Segments Contribution
Mrs. Parizad K. Bhesania and Makwana Jenali Ashok

A Study for Understanding Brand Loyalty Among Digital-Native Consumers
Mrs. Parizad K. Bhesania and Makwana Jenali Ashok

A Study on Consumers Perception on Select FMCG Products
Mrs. Parizad K. Bhesania and Viola Fernandes

A Study of Consumer Behaviour and E-Commerce
Nilesh Ghonasgi and Manan Jain

Consumer Data Privacy and Security in E-Commerce
Prof. Shazad Kavrana and Raafia Dabir

Consumer Preferences and Market Trends for a New Product
Prof. Shazad Kavrana and Raafia Dabir

E-Branding Development Process for Entire Organization
Miss Parinaz R. Masalawala and Sherebanu Bhanpurawala

Ethics in Finance, Financial Globalization and Stakeholder Responsibility: New Concept of Corporate Finance
Mrs. Amita Kulkarni and Bhargav Desai

Examining the Impact of E-Commerce on Traditional Retail Businesses
Prof. Shazad Kavrana and Shaikh Aeman Mohd Arshad

Financial Management Practice in Small Business
Mrs. Amita Kulkarni and Kaiwan Damania

Impact of Mobile Wallets Security on Consumer Attitude Towards Use
Mrs. Amita Kulkarni and Mansi Darji

Impact of Workplace Culture on Employee Satisfaction and Productivity
Jay Mamtora and Shaikh Iqra Nizamuddin

A Study of Awareness of Investment among Students
Prof. Nilesh Ghonasgi and Kassam Ghameria

The Effect of Leadership and Motivation on Employee Performance at PT. Prima Lestari in Tangerang
Miss Parinaz R. Masalawala and Mayank Jain

A Study of Spending Habits amongst College Students
Nilesh Ghonasgi and Ronjon Giri

Impact of Retail Store Layouts on Shopping Behaviour
Nilesh Ghonasgi and Shaikh Mohammed Arif Mehandihasan

The Economic Impact of Digital Fiat Currency (DFC): Opportunities and Challenges
Basukinath Jha and Sanket Chavan

Digital Payments Adoption: An Analysis of Literature
Basukinath Jha and Sanket Chavan

A Study of Impact of Food Delivery Services on Restaurant Sales
Prof. Nilesh Ghonasgi and Sandhya Gupta

The Impact of Forensic Accounting Tools in Investigating White-Collar Crime
Mrs. Amita Kulkarni and Hrutuja Deshmukh

An Analysis of Work from Home and Productivity
Prof. Nilesh Ghonasgi and Priti Gupta

Volume 10, Issue 3, October 2021