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A Review on the Study of Indian Consumer Behavior toward Local and International Products
Khusbu Ruparel and Anil Yadav

A Study and Analysis of Customer Satisfaction of Tata Motors in Mumbai, Maharashtra
Akansha Gujrati and Eram Shaikh

A Study on the Promotion of Entrepreneurship in India under the "Startup India" Scheme
Akansha Gujrati and Darshita Dhotre

A Thematic Analysis of Improving Employee Performance through Financial Incentives
Reshma Shaikh and Dhananjay Mane

An Analysis of Indian Mergers and Acquisitions and their Effects on the Operating
Effectiveness of Acquiring Companies
Manjeet Mishra and Sayali Rasam

An Overview on the Tax Management in the Indian Economy with Reference to GST
Rinku Pal and Gouri Jadhav

Study on Effects of Demonetisation
Ravina Soni and Gouri Jadhav

Development of Accounting Information Systems
Deepa Prajapati and Sonali Singh

Factors Influencing Students to Choose Career in the Field of Accounting
Rinku Pal and Akash Rajbhar

India's Development in Digital Accounting
Rinku Pal and Kirti Jaiswal

Need for Accounting Information to Promote Economic Development
Niranjan Tambe and Chavan Dhruv

The Effects of Information Technology on the Accounting System
Nagendra Kangralk and Shubham Gupta

A Journalist's Function and Social Media
Akshay Surkule and Sangeeta Solanki

A Sociological Reflection on Mass Media in Modern Society
Shivkumar Jaiswal and Bhavesh Kamlekar

A Study of Cyber Security Difficulties and the Rising Trends in Related to New Technologies
Ravina Soni and Eklak Miya

A Theoretical Approach to Today's Mass Media, Social Media and Technological Evolution
Chanda Pandey and Anil Parpala

Celebrity Endorsement and Consumer Behaviour: Study from Indian Context
Apoorva Sawant and Ritika Ken

Effect of the Media on Human Objectification
Ravina Soni and Aditi Sane

Integrated Media and its Future
Mayuri Shinde and Anjli Mishra

Analysis of Indian Insurance Sector among the Private and Public Sector
Rajesh Dediya and Subal Das

Current Trends, Issues and Growth Factors of Banking and Insurance Industry in India
Manjeet Mishra and Raj Sharma

Importance of Health Insurance Sector in Indian Scenario
Khusbu Ruparel and Abhishek Tiwari

Overview on the Scope and Challenges of Retail Banking with Respect to Indian Banking Sector
Pallavi Ghorpade and Raj Sharma

Research Paper on the Analysis of Performance Life Insurance Industry in India
Niranjan Tambe and Shubham Gupta

Review Paper on Analysis and Growth of E-Banking
Reshma Shaikh and Priti Gode

Analysis of Financial Planning Needs
Rinku Pal and Ritik Intodiya

Need for Financial Management in a Successful Enterprise
Pallavi Ghorpade and Anurag Chuahan

Overview of Financial Markets in India
Nagendra Kangralk and Krishna Hariharan

Overview of Financial Statements of an Organization
Khusbu Ruparel and Sumit Soni

Study on Relation between Financial Behaviour and Financial Literacy
Rinku Pal and Harshada Pedamkar

A Conceptual Analysis of the Relationship between Brand Awareness, Brand Loyalty, Advertising, and Customer Purchase Decisions among Malaysian Property Buyers
Rinku Pal and Sahil Solanki

To Study a Sceptical View on Opportunities and Future Research Directions for Marketing in the Metaverse
Nagendra Kangralk and Ravi Paswan

A Study of the Effectiveness of Various Tools and Techniques across Industries was Conducted on Online Marketing through Consumers
Reshma Shaikh and Khushi Sharma

A Systematic Review on Talent Management: Various Facets of Talent Management
Niranjan Tambe and Sana Shaikh

Consumer Behaviour and Segmentation Affected by Appropriate Marketing Communication Channels Consumers
Pallavi Ghorpade and Karan Vira

Consumer Shopping Practices and Women's Participation in the Role of Women in Shopping: A Literature Review of Consumer Shopping Practice and the Function of Women in Shopping
Rinku Pal and Komal Pandey

Descriptive Study on Sources of Stress [Stressors] and the Effective Stress Management Amongst Youngsters
Ravina Soni and Vaibhavi Dhayalkar

Examining Content Marketing as a New Marketing Practice Trend
Khusbu Ruparel and Aniah Jha

Growth of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) with Reference to Indian Market Scenario
Reshma Shaikh and Rupesh Yadav

Need for Training Strategies of Entrepreneurial Development Programs Develop the Entrepreneurial Skills amongst Self Help Groups
Pallavi Ghorpade and Shivani Mohite

Overview of Consumer Behavior with Reference Organic Food Marketing
Apoorva Sawant and Sohan Sawant

Data Mining: Using Categorization to Anticipate Performance Improvement
Nagendra Kangralkar and Nisha Yadav

Study on the Fundamentals and Foundations of Artificial Intelligence
Suprana Roy and Kajal Yadav

How Ethical is Hacking?
Mayuri Shinde and Rakesh Yadav

Imaging and Medication Delivery Using Nanotechnology
Shrishyam Mishra and Kajal Yadav

Artificial Intelligence is Utilized in Fitness and Health Apps
Rinku Pal and Aditi Gamre

Basic Artificial Neural Network Research Paper
Ravina Soni and Yadav Vivek

Learning Technology Games
Priya Biyani and Atul Mayura

Volume 12, Issue 5, December 2021