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  Vol. 4, Issue 1, April 2024

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A Study on New Approaches and Trends in Banking and Commerce
Mr. Vinay Dukale

A Study on the Effects on Crycptocurrency due to Digital Trading
Ms. Bhakti Chaudhari

A Study on the Financial and Investment Forecasting for the Benefit of General Public
Mr. Rishabh Desai and Dedhia Riddhi Hitesh Hetal

A Study on the Food and Beverage Sector and The Impact of Emerging Technology
CA Diya Mukherjee

A Study on the Growth of E-Commerce with Respect to Income Tax
Mr. Rishabh Desai

A Study on the Impact of Artificial Intelligence Based on Model of E-Commerce
Ms. Bhakti Chaudhari

A Study on the Internet Promotion and its Influence in E- Commerce
Mr. George Thekkevilayil

A Study on the Latest Market Scenario of Indian Insurance Sector
Mr. George Thekkevilayil

A Study on the Latest Trends in Aviation Industry
Mr. Geroge Thekkevilayil and Khadtar Suchit Vithoba Namrata

An Analysis on Recent Approaches in the Field of Accounting
Dr. Jignesh Dalal and Chhatbar Vishrut Pareshbhai Dharitri

An Analysis on Retailing Industry in India
Ms. Swiddle D’cunha

A Study on the Role of Auditing to Prevent Financial Crisis
Ms. Vaishali  Mishra

A Study on the Need for Entrepreneurial Skills for Self Help Group
Dr. Poonam Kakkad

A Study on New Trends and Approaches in Customer Relationship Management
Ms. NeelamPatil and Bangera Aditi  Nithish Apolina

A Study on Latest Technological Innovations in E-Commerce
Dr. Megha K. Juvekar

A Study on Marketing Strategy, Management and Emerging Trends
Dr. Vijaya Jacquiline and Choudhary Manthan Mohan Premlata

A Study on Recent Issues in Indian Banking and Insurance Industry
Dr. Neha Goel

Volume 2, Issue 9, May 2022