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Abundance of Cyanobacteria from Partially Flooded Sugarcane Fields of Shirol Taluka,
District Kolhapur
Vijay B. Shirolkar and D. S. Suryawanshi
Br. Balasaheb Khardekar College, Vengurla. Sindhudurg
Jawahar Arts, Science and Commerce College, Andur, Tuljapur, Osmanabad

Review Article on Prominent Women Botanists and Environment Conservationists from India
Vidya A. Patil and Prajakta S. Patil
Bhusawal Arts, Science and P.O. Nahata Commerce College, Bhusawal, India
Vivekanand Arts, Sardar Dalipsingh Commerce and Science College, Aurangabad, India

Status of Women in the Agrarian Sector
Shalini J. Chahande
Seth Kesarimal Porwal College of Arts and Science and Commerce, Kamptee

Lucy in Disgrace: Restructuring the Socio-Ecological Role of Women in the Context of
Post Apartheid South Africa
Ms. Supriya Mohan Patil and Dr. Shruti Joshi
Vivekanand College (Autonomous), Kolhapur, Maharashtra, India

A Role of Exhaust Gas Recirculation System of Vehicle for Minimization of Environmental Pollution
Dr. Khaja D. Atar, Dr. Kavita Tiwade, Dr. Salama Isak Maner
The New College, Kolhapur and Vivekanand College (Autonomous), Kolhapur

Milk Constituents and Adulteration Detection
Mr. Rajaram Gundu Chougale
Br. Balasaheb Khardekar College, Vengurla, Maharashtra, India

The Message of Belyanda Waugh "Save the Earth" through the Poem Mother Earth
Dr. Manisha Mohan Mujumdar
Br. Balasaheb Khardekar College, Vengurla, Sindhudurg, MS

A Study of Problem of Agriculture Labor Female in Solapur District 2012
Dr Jundhale Mahadevi Subhash, Dr. Mrs. Seema Gaikwad, Dr. Rajendra Suryavanshi
Vidnyan Mahavidyalaya, Sangola, Solapur

Socio-Ecological Issues in Barbara Kingsolver’s Unsheltered
Dr. Prabhavati Arvind Patil
Vivekanand College (Autonomous), Kolhapur

Space Technology for Societal benefits with respect to Environment
Smita Survase, Geeta Nair, Laxman Survase
K J Somaiya College of Science and Commerce, Vidyavihar, Mumbai
S H Kelkar College of Arts, Commerce and Science, Devgad, Sindhudurg

Women: Role in Environment Management
Sampale J. D.

Foregrounding Contemporary Issue: Eco-Friendly Life Style in R. J. Sawyer’s Futuristic
Society of Neanderthals
Dr. Salama Isak Maner, Dr. Kavita Tiwade, Dr. K. D. Atar
Vivekanand College (Autonomous), Kolhapur and The New College, Kolhapur

Role of Women in Agriculture
Prof. Jayasing Yashvant Naik
Br. Balasaheb Khardekar College, Vengurla

A Review on Role of Women in Organic and Sustainable Farming
Dr. V. S. Patil
Arts, Science and Commerce College, Rahata

Women’s Way of Nature Conservation- Tradition to Convention
Shintre Sayali
Paediatric Research Unit, KEM Hospital & Research Centre, Pune

Bioactive Compound Produced by Ulva lactuca and Antifungal Activity against Pathogenic Fungi
Dr. Megha Nandkishor Mole
Prof. Dr. N. D. Patil College, Malakapur

Use of Herbal Mixture of Moringa oleifera Seed, Ocimum tenuiflorum and Azadirachta indica in Wastewater Treatment
Kanchan Damade, Geeta P. Patil, Rupali G. Tayade
Arts, Commerce and Science College, Bodwad

Distribution, Dynamics and Relationship of Some Mycorrhizal Fungalspores with Plants
Aruna Charantimath
Parul Institute of Applied Sciences, Parul University, Limda, Waghodia, Vadodara, Gujarat, India

Conservation of Wild Plants by Seed Ball Technique
Shivani Bapusaheb Wakchaure and Ghule Priyanka Macchindra
Sangamner Nagarpalika Arts, DJ Malpani Commerce & BN Sarda Science College (Autonomous), Sangamner

Phytochemical and Antifungal properties of Tinospora cordifolia (Wild) Hook F. Thompson Against  Fruit Rot Pathogens
Dr. Sawant S. G.
K. K. M. College, Manwat, Maharashtra, India

Comparison of Discrete Wavelet and Discrete Cosine Transform for Enhancement of Gray Image
Nivedita V. Hippalgaonkar (Deshmukh)
P. C. Polytechnic, Nigdi, Maharashtra, India

Understanding Environment and Urban Biodiversity
Mrs. Kalpana Savant
Vivekanand College (Autonomous), Kolhapur

Clean Mandovi Campaign to Nurture Mangroves and to Strengthen the Future of Estuarine Ecosystem  at Vengurla, Sindhudurg
D. S. Patil and Karishma Mohite
Dr. Balsaheb Khardekar College, Vengurla

Larval Host Plants of the Butterflies under Lycaenidae Family Ghats, India
Ms. Mohite Karishma Yashvant
SPK College, Sawantwadi, Maharashtra, India

Volume 2, Issue 4, June 2022

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