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  Vol. 4, Issue 1, April 2024

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Authors Can Receive DOl (CrossRef). | RPRI 7.53 and SJIF 7.301 | Minimum Publication Charges 600* INR Only
Emotional Intelligence as a Conjecturer of Academic Success. Examining the Discrepancy to
Jay Mamtora and Malik Mohima Kamaluddin

Impact of Emotional Intelligence and Psychological Well-being in Teachers Life Satisfaction
Jay Mamtora and Maru Bhumi Mahesh

Impact of Meditation on Emotional Intelligence of Working Professional
Jay Mamtora and Md Sohel Abdul Jalil

Study of E-Commerce Business for Socio-Economic Development
Mrs. Parizad K. Bhesania and Naik Mohammed Marzuk Salim

E-Commerce Services in India: Prospects and Problems
Mrs. Parizad K. Bhesania and Namdar Narjis Fatema Altaf

Effectiveness of E-Commerce in India
Mrs. Parizad K. Bhesania and Patel Khushi Prakash

Examining the Key Roles of Human Resource Management and its Impact on Organizational
Performance: An Investigation
Dr Balram C. Gowda and Patel Pritesh Damji

The Effect of Leadership Style on Employee Motivation: A Case Study of Manufacturing Companies
Dr Balram C. Gowda and Patil Samiksha Pralhad

The Evaluation of Marketing Mix Elements: A Case Study
Dr Balram C. Gowda and Payer Shashank Dinesh

A Study on Evaluating the Impact of Digital Payment for the Growth of the Indian Economy
Dr. (Mrs) Vaishali Nadkarni and Pitlekar Vanshita Prakash

A Study on the Adoption of Artificial Intelligence in Relationship Management Enhancing Customer Satisfaction
Dr. (Mrs) Vaishali Nadkarni and Rathod Mansi Jesing

A Study on Consumer Preference towards Selected Digital Payment Mode
Basukinath Jha and Raut Ayush Ganesh

A Study on Digital Payments in India with Perspective of Consumers Adoption
Basukinath Jha and Sarwankar Rohit Sanjay

Digital Payment System in India : A Feat Towards Cashless Economy
Basukinath Jha and Shah Priya Sandipkumar

Significance of Capital Budgeting on Managerial Accounting
Prof. Amita M Kulkarni and Khyatee Lakhani

Mobile Accounting - The Need of the Hour
Prof. Amita M Kulkarni and Mansi Darji

A Study for Understanding Brand Loyalty Among Digital-Native consumers
Prof. Amita M Kulkarni and Sheefa Patel

Analysis of ASEAN-India FTA (AIFTA)
Prof. Nilesh Ghonasgi and Fardeen Gotla

Effect of Commercial on Buyers Buying Behaviour
Mandeep Singh Ahuja, Pradeep Mali and Abhijit Devkar

Consumer Behaviour in the Digital Era
Asst. Prof. Shazad Kavrana and Sachin Tomar

Consumer Preferences and Market Trends for a New Product
Asst. Prof. Shazad Kavrana and Rasika Gandhi

Effects on Education of Online Learning during the COVID-19 Pandemic
Mandeep Singh Ahuja, Pradeep Mali and Gautam Chekhalia

An Analysis on Processed Food Industry in India
Mandeep Singh Ahuja and Abhishek Chaurasia

A Study on Factors Determining Foreign Institutional Investments in Mumbai
Mandeep Singh Ahuja and Rayomand Aboowalla

Exploring Trends and Future Perspectives of Bitcoins
Mandeep Singh Ahuja, Soniya Chaurasiya and Nilesh Chavan

Impact of Business Ethics on Employee Turnover
Dr. Balram Gowda and Akansha Jaiswar

Impact of COVID19 on Global Economy
Mrs. Amita Kulkarni and Anita Choudhary

Impact of Technology in Human Life
Mandeep Singh and Ahuja Pradeep Mali

A Learning on Influences of Budget 2019 on Indian Economy
Mandeep Singh Ahuja, Pradeep Mali and Johnathan Dsouza

Study of Traditional Investments in Insurance
Mandeep Singh Ahuja and Firdous Fatima Contractor

A Study Modern Management in Small Scale Industries
Mandeep Singh Ahuja, Pradeep Mali and Dhruv Darji

Impediments of Social Inclusive Development
Nilesh Ghonasgi and Vaidehi Gupta

Determine Importance of Retail Banking India
Mandeep Singh Ahuja and Sonali Chaulkar

Role of Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality in Online Retail Shopping
Prof. Shazad Kavrana and Rasika Gandhi

A Study on Consciousness of Share Market among Society
Mandeep Singh Ahuja and Pooja Chaurasia

Study of Investment Pattern of Investors in ULIP
Mandeep Singh Ahuja and Sandeep Bhandari

The Effects of Covid-19 Pandemic and Cashless Society
Mrs. Amita Kulkarni and Nicholas Fernandes

Theoretical Perspective of Change Management
Mandeep Singh Ahuja and Mohd Zeeshan Shaikh

Study of Trends, Challenges and Opportunities of Cryptocurrency
Mandeep Singh Ahuja and Sachin Balla

Study on Process of Waste Management
Mandeep Singh Ahuja and Aniketkumar Chaurasia

Volume 2, Issue 4, December 2022