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Volume 5, Issue 1, June 2019

An Investigation of Indian Mergers and Acquisitions and their Impact on the Operational
Effectiveness of Acquiring Companies
Asst. Umeshchandra Yadav and  Shukla Ankit Dheeraj

Analysis of the Private and Public Sectors in the Indian Insurance Industry
Asst. Pankaj B. Maurya and Shelke Sarika Subhash

Comprehensive Analysis on the Various Aspects of Supply Chain Management
Asst. Neeta Singh and Tambe Aditya Suresh

Conceptual Analysis of Risk Management Pertaining to Insurance Industry
Asst. Reena Shukla and Vaghela Dharmesh Kantilal

Conceptual Analysis on Indian Retailing Sector
Asst. Glena D'Silva and Vishawakarma Vivek Harishchandra

Contribution of Financial Management to the Development of Sustainable Corporate Practices
Asst. Abha Ruparel and Vishwakarma Suraj Achchhelal

Current Business Management Trends with Regard to a Growing Perspective on Globalisation
Asst. Suresh Lorik Yadav and Yadav Anju Ramesh

Current Trends, Problems, and Driving Forces in India's Banking and Insurance Industry
Asst. Hamza Usmani and Yadav Neeta Suresh

Future Directions of E-Commerce in the Global Business Landscape: The Emerging Trends
Asst. Shivkumar Yadav and Singh Pradyum Sunil

Impact of E-commerce on Business Practices
Asst. Umeshchandra Yadav and Uhyandal Sneha Shankar

Industry 4.0 and Marketing 4.0: The Fourth Industrial Revolution
Asst. Neeta Singh and Shinde Pradeep Tukaram

Need for Enhancing Financial Management System for Multiple Business Units
Asst. Reena Shukla and Singh Kajal Sanjay

Overview on the Effects of Service Marketing
Asst. Pankaj B. Maurya and Singh Akanksha Vijay

Relevance of Financial and Non-Financial Incentives for Retaining Employees in Light of
Private Sector Banks' Strategies
Asst. Glena D'Silva and Singh Suraj Chandrapal