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Volume 3, Issue 3, March 2021

A Bibliographic Analysis of Research on Education in India
Mrs. Fatema Siamwalla and Tahira Taskeen Salman Samad

A Study on Digital Education in India: Scope and Challenges of an Indian Society
Mrs. Sunita Thakur and Suganthi A

An Investigation into the Current State of Education in Design for Additive Manufacturing
Mr. Pradeep Shukla and Chaube Shweta Kiran

Constraints and Solutions for India's Educational System
Mrs. Sunita Thakur and Ashwin Prashanth D'souza

Education in India: Opportunities and Challenges
Mrs. Sankukta Kargutkar and Dsa Lenita Jerald

Emerging Issues in Additive Manufacturing Skills and Education
Mr. Raghunath Bhitale and Gaonkar Purvi Prasan

Entry of Foreign Universities and their Impact on the Indian Education System
Mrs. Sankukta Kargutkar and Jain Sanskriti Hridaynath Aarti

Financial Education in India's Different Economic Classes
Mr. Vikas Rawal and Jha Shalini Manoj

Higher Education: Key for Inclusive Growth in India
Mrs. Fatema Siamwalla and Kantharia Tejal Viren

Impact of Modern Technology in Education
Mr. Vikas Rawal and Sadia Imran Khan

Inadequacies in Indian Education System
Mrs. Sankukta Kargutkar and Khutale Simran Subhash

India's Education Sector's Public Expenditures
Mrs. Sunita Thakur and Maria Abdul Rahim Makrani

Perils and Prospects of Indian Education
Mr. Raghunath Bhitale and Nadar Angeline Nesarajan

Public Expenditure on the Education Sector in India
Mr. Pradeep Shukla and Rodrigues Shital Barry

Satisfaction with Educational Quality: A Study of the Punjab (India) Education Sector
Mr. Vikas Rawal and Aliya Mohd. Haddish Shaikh

Education In India: Emerging Issues, Challenges
Mrs. Fatema Siamwalla and Singh Deepak Nagendra

The Effects of Overseas Universities on India’s International Education System
Mr. Vikas Rawal and Avinaben Rameshbhai Suthar

The Privatisation of Indian Education: Challenges with Special Reference to the Education System
Mrs. Sunita Thakur and Teerandaz Saima Zakaria Kamarunissa

The Role of Critical Thinking in Education
Mr. Raghunath Bhitale and Yadav Pooja Tejbahadur

The Use of Positive Reinforcement in Education
Mr. Pradeep Shukla and Bushra Riyaz Zaveri