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Volume 6, Issue 3, June 2021

Role of Auditing Process to Control the Financial Crisis and Prevent Financial Frauds
Asst. Suresh Lorik Yadav and Gupta Vipin Kumar Pramod

Role of Income Tax in Accelerating Economic Growth
Asst. Hamza Usmani and  Jha Avinash Vijay

Scope of Accounting Information to Support Economic Development
Asst. Shivkumar Yadav and Kagada Suraj Naresh

Scope of Entrepreneurship in Country's Economic Development
Asst. Umeshchandra Yadav and Khedekar Tejashree Sunil

Significance of Auditing in Managing Financial Crisis
Asst. Neeta Singh and Magar Sagar Sudhir

Study of Accounting from an Analytical Approach
Asst. Reena Shukla and Mitna Hiral Raju

Study of Indian Consumer behaviour Towards Domestic and Foreign Goods
Asst. Pankaj B. Maurya and Mewada Shruti Rupchand

Study on Factors Influencing Human Resource Management
Asst. Glena D'Silva and Nangare Mahesh Mansingh

Study on Financial & Investment Forecasting and its Utility for Public
Asst. Abha Ruparel and Patel Dharmik Bipin