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  Vol. 4, Issue 1, April 2024

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Volume 2, Issue 3, February 2022

A Review on Indian Education System with Issues and Challenges
Mrs. Sunita Thakur and Ansari Nuzhat Iftekhar

A Study on Future Plan for Increasing Financial Literacy Among People
Mrs. Sanjukta Kargutkar and Bolar Brinda Jagannath

Challenges and Interventions in Indian Education
Mr. Vikas Rawal and Dey Nisha Chandan

Critical Thinking and its Importance in Education
Mr. Raghunath Bhitale and Golda Blessia Anitha Paulraj

Education Studies Today and for the Future: A UK Perspective
Mrs. Sanjukta Kargutkar and Jadhav Mansi Narendra

Educator Practise and Educational Studies: A Vital Partnership
Mr. Raghunath Bhitale and Jamwal Vyomika Rakesh

Emerging Trends of Privatization of Education in India
Mrs. Fatema Siamwalla and Katkam Shivani Santosh

Engineering Education Research in Additive Manufacturing: A Systematic Review of Courses
Mrs. Sunita Thakur and Khan Tauseef Jamaluddin

Experiential Learning in Higher Education
Mrs. Bina Raikar and Makharia Tanvi Nandkishore

Girls’ Education in India: Status and Challenges
Mrs. Sanjukta Kargutkar and Mankekar Shraddha Durgaprasad

History and Milestones of Education in India
Mrs. Sujata Tripathi and Mishra Aastha Arvind

Impact of Poverty on Education in India
Mr. Raghunath Bhitale and Murkute Bhagyashree Pravin

Inclusive Education in 21st Century of India
Mrs. Sanjukta Kargutkar and Patel Manish Vijaykumar

Indian Education System Contemporary Issues
Mr. Vikas Rawal and Rizvi Narjis Fatima

India's Digital Education: Scope and Challenges
Mrs. Bina Raikar and Shaikh Azam Abdul Rehman

Management Education is Needed for A Fair and Prosperous India
Mrs. Fatema Siamwalla and Shaikh Raisa Badrudojan

New Education Policy of India: A Comparative Study with the Education System of USA
Mrs. Sunita Thakur and Shaikh Sobia Irfan

Skills and Education for Additive Manufacturing: A Review of Emerging Issues
Mrs. Sujata Tripathi and Shinde Bobby Gorakh

Sustainable Education for Women
Mrs. Fatema Siamwalla and Singh Kirti Omprakash

The Historical and Sociocultural Impact of English Education on Modern India
Mrs. Sujata Tripathi and Surani Shefali Nijarbha

The Risks and Possibilities of Education in India
Mr. Vikas Rawal and Thommana Luvita Paulson

The State of and Obstacles Facing Female Literacy in India
Mrs. Bina Raikar and Tuscano Priya Morison

Towards Engineering Education Research in AM: A Systematic Review of Additive Manufacturing Education
Mr. Raghunath Bhitale and Yadav Kamleshkumar Surendra