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Volume 9, Issue 2, September 2021

Role of Media on Enhancing the Popularity of Culinary Profession with Regards to Hotel
Management Students
Chitralekha Sawant and Aaditya Linge

Study on Career perspective of Food Production Especially for Female Students
Tanuja Tipnis and Nishad Chauhan

Study on Consumer Perception towards Green Practices Adopted by 5 Star Hotels in Mumbai City
Vishal Kanojia and Prajwal Shetty

Study on Consumer’s Perspective on Difference Between Home Bakery and Commercial Bakery
Tanuja Tipnis and Mamta Gupta

Study on Determining Reasons for Labour Turnover in the Food Production Department in
Hotel Industry
Ritesh Shidgane and Neha Naik

Study on Effect of Hotel House Keeping and Inventory Management on Environment Sustainability
with Reference to Star Hotels in Mumbai
Vishal Kanijia and Gulshan Gupta

Study on how Current Trends in 5-Star Business Hotels in Maharashtra with Respect to In-Room Facilities
Chitralekha Sawant and Prasad Borkar

Study on How Executive Lounge Enhances the Customer Experience
Rahul Parchure and Jay Prajapati

Study on How the Positive Attitude of the Front Office Staff Contributes to the Guest Satisfaction
Chitralekha Sawant and Disha Sakpal

Study on the Benefits of Outsourcing to House Keeping Department in the Hotel
Kirti Suripaga and Kishan Kumar P

Study on the Distinction Between Confectionery and Bakery Products
Tanuja Tipnis and Ahilesh Dugge

Study on the Impact of the Sleep Experience of the Guests in Five
Chitralekha Sawant and Leroy Nazreth

Study on Trends in Hospitality and Hotel Industry
Vishal Kanijia and Rehabar Khan

Study on Usefulness of Reviews from Food Bloggers and Food Critics for the Hotels and Restaurants
Nikhitha Aarya and Ajay Sharma

Traditional Human Touch Services Vs. Technology Based Self Service - Study on Guest
Satisfaction in Hotels
Chitralekha Sawant and Prabjot Singh

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